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You need gold. You need it to buy things like:

  • good gear
  • fast mounts
  • powerful enchants
  • flasks, potions, food
  • repairs

Some players seem to never run out of gold. They always have stacks of potions, the best enchants on all their gear, etc. What do they know that you don't?

The best strategies for making gold FAST make the rest of World of Warcraft much more enjoyable.

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People are paying REAL money for WoW Gold. In fact, for my server, 1000g costs about $60 US. That tells me two things. First, the demand for gold is very high. For entire companies to be built around providing 'game' gold means that there must be a lot of people out there willing to try it. Players willing to risk having their accounts banned for it! But it also tells me that MAKING the gold can't be that hard, or those companies would never be able to support all of their customers!

So what are the gold-farmers doing that you aren't?

The farmers, and the players who are always wealthy, know the secrets to making gold. They know how to work the in-game economy to their favor. They have addons that help them save time.

Anyone can make gold in WoW! The question is...HOW FAST?! A level 5 player could kill boars in the forest all day and all night, constantly selling the broken tusks to a vendor, and eventually scrape together a gold. So making gold isn't the's how to avoid WASTING TIME and making the gold as QUICKLY as possible!

This report contains the best, fastest, legal methods of making gold in WoW!

Stop wasting your game time 'farming' in the game. You don't pay your monthly WoW fees just so you can log in every day to spend hours trying to collect fake currency, do you? No! You want to play, PVP, raid, explore, and HAVE FUN! It's time to take the drudgery out of playing and get back to enjoying the game!

Just look at the table of contents:

  • Chapter 1 - Quick Start and Special Low-Level Methods
  • Chapter 2 - General Tips
  • Chapter 3 - Addons That Help Rake in the Gold
  • Chapter 4 - XXXXXXXXXX addon - dominate the market
  • Chapter 5 - Best Mobs to Kill
  • Chapter 6 - Making Gold With Professions
  • Chapter 7 - Myths - Avoid These Mistakes
  • Chapter 8 - Bonus #1 - Leveling Guide
  • Chapter 9 - Bonus #2 - Make REAL LIFE Money With This Report

Find out what you're missing!

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